CSCE Tech Support


Location: JBHT Room 440

Need to make an IT request related to CSCE courses, labs, etc.? Your CSCE Tech support team can be reached most easily in one of these ways (most preferred to least).

  1. Fill out a form and tell us about your problem. You will receive an email reply from one our staff as soon as possible.
  2. Email –
    This email is read by all CSCE support staff, so the chances of your getting assistance are improved if you use this. This is the next best way to make requests … not so good for emergencies. You can also use the request system (see below).
  3. Phone Call 575-6802 (8 to 5) and 575-3822 (8 to 5 and after hours)
    These numbers will normally reach the CSCE IT staff and are particularly useful in more immediately urgent circumstances, e.g., something  important is broken in a classroom or teaching lab or there’s an emergency.
  4. In Person! What a concept. You are welcome to come to JBHT 440 (tech office) or to JBHT 504 (the CSCE Dept Main office) in person.
  5. This is the main UITS campus case management request system, but CSCE participates in it as well. It is for ALL students, staff and faculty (passwords, email issues, GACL labs, UAConnect, etc.), and when working as intended your request there will get routed to the proper group or person for that item.