Terasic SpiderBot User Guide

Terasic SpiderBot User Guide

There are 2 ways to access the SpiderBot movement (choose which you would like to use):

  • Bluetooth
  • TeraTerm(Plugged Directly into the bot)


1. Navigate to “https://ttssh2.osdn.jp/index.html.en” select the “Downloads” tab at the top. Tera term is not used on non windows operating systems. If you choose to use Linux or MacOS you will need to use Virtualbox, Disk Utility(mac) or another VM of your choice.

2. Once TeraTerm is installed and running, insert your MicroSD card with your program into the bottom of the Altera Cyclone Board(TOP BOARD).

3. Plug your mini USB cable into the “UART” slot on the Altera Cyclone Board(TOP BOARD).